By collaborating, TBC and Solana are able to transform Web2 players into Web3 explorers and create an entry point to a new universe. This alliance reflects a major transition from the traditional to a decentralized internet, signifying more than simply a technological integration. It represents a merger of cultures and communities.

By integrating ImToken's innovative digital wallet technology with TBC's inventive gaming platform, the two companies hope to establish an effective GameFi ecosystem that will provide consumers a safe, practical, and extremely engaging gaming finance experience.

The first game on the TBC GameFi Launchpad, Metahorse Tycoon. This is the first step towards fusing blockchain gaming profits with Real World Assets (RWA).

The goal of TBC and the BAYC club's partnership is to use TBC's expertise in technology and the brand power of BAYC to create a themed horse racing game.

Through this collaboration, TBC's blockchain game development experience and Sandbox's metaverse platform capabilities will be combined, enabling both parties to focus on creating advanced gaming experiences that go beyond conventional gameplay and immerse players in a vast virtual world that they can explore, create, and trade.

Launchpad & Accelerator for Gaming

Launchpad & IGO
It’s well known that some of the most successful blockchain products are cryptocurrency games. Tokens and gaming goods are highly sought after. The first IGO (Initial Game Offering) launchpad, GameFi offers resources to help make games more successful.
By using factory contracts for token economies, NFTs, and Play to Earn features, developers and teams working on blockchain games can significantly speed their delivery target. 

For Game Players
  • Free play2earn game access for academics
  • Tracking and accessing all games is quick and simple.
  • Market that is open to all game items
For Game Investors
  • Scholar onboarding made easier
  • First access to tokens for popular games
  • Increased game asset liquidity
For Game Projects
  • Holder and player relations were facilitated
  • Player-focused funding for development
  • Exposure to the game and its objects quickly

Scholarship and the Yield Finance

We have drawn some of the top games in the blockchain industry swiftly. To encourage player ownership and adoption, a lot of these games are actively implementing play2earn structures.

NFT and Item Aggregator

The Gear Features

Game Launchpad

The only launchpad tailored to a single game that isn't dependent on a chain.


Easy blockchain games to introduce NFTs and Play to Earn models to those who are new to cryptocurrency. 

Game Aggregator

A single user interface allows you to access games and gaming resources on any blockchain.

Yield Finance

Play to Earn gaming can be funded by token holders through creative endeavors and scholarships.

Game Marketplace

Multi-chain NFT market area dedicated to selling stuff and real world assets for blockchain games. 

Assets Auction

RWA bidding on rare and priceless in-game objects should be fair and untrustworthy.

Build your NFT project with ease

With BNB-grade security, no gas fees, and intuitive APIs, you can develop your next NFT project fast and simply.

Examine markets inside the Gear Ecosystem to see the most recent and fascinating NFT initiatives. 

Join Gear Protocol Community

Together, we built our community to prosperity.

GameFi is the comprehensive center for gaming finance

The platform offers a launchpad dedicated to games as well as yield reward for blockchain players, investors, and traders.
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